Pelvic floor physical therapy is very specialized form of physical therapy that addresses all types of pelvic floor dysfunction. Disorders of the pelvic floor are extremely common in both men and women, but patients rarely discuss them, even with their physician. Some common disorders are:


      - Lack of bowel or bladder control (incontinence)

      - All varieties of pelvic pain, including sexual dysfunction

      - Lack of pelvic structural support (pelvic organ prolapse)

      - Difficulty with bowel or bladder evacuation


Therapy is usually directed at the muscles and nerves of the pelvic floor. Problems can occur when muscles are too tight, too loose, or not synchronized appropriately; or when nerve dysfunction causes weakness, spasticity, or pain.


The entire goal of your PT team is to determine how these various factors are affecting you, and treat those conditions specific to you as an individual. They will work to make a permanent difference in your life by maximizing your pelvic function and minimize any pain you may be experiencing.


Treatment options vary among individual patients. For some, therapy alone will be sufficient to address the problem. Others may require additional interventions such as surgery. If you and your physician decide that surgery is the right approach, pelvic floor PT will maximize your chances of long-term success. Common treatment options include:


      - Manual therapy

      - Biofeedback

      - Exercise therapy

      - Functional training

      - Core strengthening





The COPE Center Team Includes:


     Licensed and post-graduate degreed Physical Therapists with specialty training in all aspects of Pelvic Floor PT


     Physical Therapy Assistants are certified professionals that work closely under the direction of the PT to help implement the plan of care


     Physical Therapy Technicians with specialty yoga accreditation and pelvic floor expertise provide additional training under the direction of the PT to

     achieve the desired goal


The COPE Center Team Approach


      Each of our PT’s has specific strengths related to Pelvic Floor PT. While receiving treatment at our facility, you will spend time with several of our

      specialists. This enables you to benefit from each of our experts’ deep knowledge and experience. It also allows you to receive the appropriate

      type of therapy based on your particular situation.


      Our staff works closely with your physician to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy that addresses all factors contributing to symptoms.

      They regularly consult with top rated specialists in pelvic health, both locally and nationally, including gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons,

      gynecologists, urologists, physiatrists, neurologists, peripheral nerve surgeons, pain specialists, and other physical therapists.


      We also work with any family members the patient requests so that results are likely to be integrated into the patient's life forever.



PT EVALUATIONAL & EXAMINATION: to determine what habits, biochemical issues, neuromuscular issues, and musculoskeletal issues are contributing to symptoms.




      MANUAL THERAPY: pelvic floor, hips, buttocks, low back, and abdomen


      BIOFEEDBACK TRAINING: pelvic neuromuscular control and overall

      relaxation response


      EXERCISE TRAINING: balance flexibility and pelvic stability using yoga

      and other techniques


      FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: bladder/bowel retraining, sleep prep and

      management, and habit and mechanics training for sexual activity,

      urination, and/or defecation.

We are proud to be one of only a handful of clinics that offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical options to treat the entire spectrum of problems that can affect pelvic floor, colon, and rectum.


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