I was filled with embarrassment about my rectal problems until I met with Dr. Cox and his staff. They made me feel comfortable and at ease when describing my rectal symptoms. This condition had altered my life for over 4 years, and I kept putting off doing something about it.At COPE, everyone talked in layman terms so I could understand what and why certain tests needed to be performed, what may be happening to my rectal area and what results may occur. I also came to understand that this didn’t just happen to me, but was a fairly common problem. The more I talked about it, the more people said, “I have the something!” I had a simple robotic out patient procedure, which changed my life! Before the procedure, I had to think about where every bathroom was. I had put off a long awaited trip to Vegas for 3 years knowing I couldn't make it on the plane. Now, I don’t even think about the bathroom, and have my sights on Vegas again to meet up with my dear friends. What a relief it is to be normal! As an aside, for a follow up appointment, I received a courtesy call that Dr. Cox performed an emergency surgery that morning and would be late with afternoon appointments. No doctor’s office has ever done that for me. Wonderful service!


Unfortunately I have had a lot of experiences with doctors and their offices. By far, the experience at the COPE Center is the very best I’ve ever had. Since I am an engineer, I ask a lot of questions. Gena, the Physicians Assistant, took her time and answered thousands of them until I understood what the procedure would be, what the recovery would be, and how to care for my wound. I felt like she was not worried about the next patient, but was totally focused on me. I happen to be really scared of needles, in fact, they make me faint! But the staff comforted me the whole time. They didn’t push me off to get to the next patient, but made me feel OK and relaxed about the procedure. And it went just fine. I appreciate the fact that they took my personal situation into account and the team built a plan for me so that I could propose to my girl friend on New Years Eve. Everything went as proposed, and now I tell my fiancé, friends and family about Dr. Cox, Gena and the staff at COPE Center. They truly are the best.


The care I received was awesome.  All the staff was happy and smiling.  On the day of the hemorrhoid procedure, I was in and out of the office within 30 minutes. I would like to share with a prospective patient that the procedure is not that bad, lasts only a minute and it was not really painful.  The staff will make you comfortable considering the circumstances. The experience was pleasant because of the staff.



I was experiencing frequent urination and an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in the bladder area.  Cara was my therapist.  She did internal and external manipulation as well as used biofeedback, yoga and relaxation techniques. The therapy was life changing for me.  I now know how to stop the discomfort and frequency if it occurs (which is now rare).


I had mild, undiagnosed pudendal nerve pain for decades before my symptoms became so severe that I sought treatment (actually I was in “panic mode” by that time). I went from doctor to doctor to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.  After months of futile appointments, a urogynecologist diagnosed me with pudendal neuralgia/pelvic pain.  I ‘Googled’ this new diagnosis immediately and was horrified by the case histories and surgical treatment plans presented on some well-meaning websites.  Thankfully, my doctor recommended physical therapy as a conservative first approach. After searching for a clinic that specialized in PT for ‘that part, down there’,  I fortunately found a physical therapist who could help me.  There are literally a handful of clinics in the WORLD that offer this multi-pronged approach to straightening out my physical and mental sources for my pain – physical source being my scoliosis and S/I joint dysfunction and mental source being my Type A, stressed out emotional approach to life.  While I would have moved anywhere to be treated, I didn’t have to because one of the few therapeutic centers that treat the WHOLE problem is right in Southlake, TX.  My treatment plan consisted of weekly sessions of manual therapy (yes, embarrassing to me but very professionally administered in a calm, dimly lit environment), suggested down training for my unregulated nervous system (in the form of autogenic relaxation tapes that I listen to daily), and skilled yoga instruction that became a lifestyle for me.  I had to learn to sit, sleep, stand, walk and drive in ways that benefited my recovery.  Not everyone needs all of these approaches, but those that do will find kind, well-qualified and caring staff at COPE.  Just follow their instructions, do your homework and take control of your pelvic problem.


I was newly married and had several years of pain with sex, including bleeding.  My mother had the same (unresolved) problem for 30-40 years.  My Gynecologist said there was nothing to do, and my attempts to research on the Internet said that what I was experiencing was “normal”.  I believed there was nothing “normal” about pain and bleeding with sex.  Eventually I was referred to the COPE Center.  Once in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, I made drastic progress.  The Physical Therapist was encouraging, working with me on manual therapy and exercises that almost immediately made a difference.  I made drastic progress and competed my therapy at the clinic in 5 months.  I continue to do the exercises at home and believe that, had I not found the COPE Clinic, I would have thought the movies were a lie and that sex was not fun.



The treatment I received at the COPE Center was the only thing of the many things I have tried for my urinary problem.  With every other place I went, they wanted to do things to me.  With the COPE Center, they helped me to gain control and understand the things I could do. I had surgery 30-40 years ago which caused a lot of attachments.  Though the manual therapy was painful at times, it was very effective at helping me.  The PT gave me exercises to do at home (sometimes in a sneaky way that I didn’t even know I was doing them!) When I left, I truly felt like, if I did what I needed to do, that I could go about my life.  I am not 100% and probably never will be, but I can control my own bladder.  For some, the thought of “holding it” isn’t a big deal.  But for me, it’s great!




I had the Medtronic InterStim Implant for bowel control on 9/11/14.  I had suffered for 14 years with chronic diarrhea, having anywhere from 5 to 8 episodes per morning.  I had spent thousands and saw many, many gastroenterologist and holistic doctors and did acupuncture and colonics and whatever anyone else could think of to try. I did the trial InterStim and knew immediately that it was going to work for me.  I no longer have to wear Depends, and can plan my days with mornings away from the bathroom.  I wish I had found the COPE Center and Dr. Cox way sooner.  I have my life back.  I had no hesitation about having the surgery and the recovery time after the surgery was healed within a few days. I recommend this implant for anyone who is having bowel issues.  Don’t wait until you’re 69 – JUST DO IT!




We are proud to be one of only a handful of clinics that offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical options to treat the entire spectrum of problems that can affect pelvic floor, colon, and rectum.


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